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On This Day

Tuesday, 02 July 2013 (16/2013)

Miniature Sheet: Road Trip Australia - Minisheet

Road Trip Australia

Australia is a country of vast and changing landscapes and great extremes. From the moist tropical north to the dry Central Australian deserts and the cool alpine regions of the south, Australia offers its road-trippers a wealth of terrain, destinations and experiences.

This second issue in the Road Trip Australia stamp series puts rural ports of call into the rearview mirror, turning the wheel towards some of Australia's bustling and vibrant urban hubs. Illustrator Gavin Ryan offers colourful, off beat cameos of Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Adelaide and Canberra.

copyright notice: This material has been reproduced with permission of the Australian Postal Corporation. The original work is held in the National Philatelic Collection.

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Latest Stamp Issues:

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Country Issue Date Code Issue Type Issue Title Values
Australia 17 Mar 2015 7 Definitive Issue Australian Trees 4 values 70c, 1.40$, 2.10$, 2.10$
17 Mar 2015 7 Miniature Sheet Australian Trees - Minisheet 1 value 6.30$
03 Mar 2015 6 Commemorative Issue Tourist Transport 4 values , 70c, 70c, 70c, 70c
17 Feb 2015 5 Commemorative Issue Era of Sail - Clipper Ships 4 values 70c, 70c, 1.40$, 1.40$
03 Feb 2015 4 Commemorative Issue Love is in the Air 4 values 70c, 70c, 70c, 70c
Cocos (Keeling) Islands 24 Mar 2015 1 Definitive Issue Islands Visiting Birds 4 values 70c, 70c, 70c, 70c
Cyprus 02 Apr 2015 4 Definitive Issue Cypriot Dishes - Sweets 3 values 0,34€, 0,41€, 1,88€
02 Apr 2015 3 Definitive Issue Joint Issue Cyprus - Armenia 1 value 0,64€
02 Apr 2015 2 Miniature Sheet 60th Anniversary of the EOKA Liberation Struggle 1 value 2,00€
04 Feb 2015 1 Definitive Issue Intellectual Personalities of Cyprus - Part B 12 values 0,04€, 0,04€, 0,50€, 0,50€, 0,60€, 0,60€, 0,75€, 0,75€, 1,00€, 1,00€, 1,50€, 1,50€
04 Feb 2015 0 Commemorative Issue Overprint on Organisms of the Mediterranean Marine Environment - 0,43 to 0,34 1 value 0,34€
Greece 30 Mar 2015 3 Definitive Issue Railways of Greece 4 values 0,20€, 0,72€, 0,80€, 2,50€
26 Feb 2015 2 Commemorative Issue Thermal Springs of Greece 6 values 0,05€, 0,10€, 0,23€, 0,72€, 0,90€, 2,00€
Norway 16 Apr 2015 4 Commemorative Issue Anders B. Wilse 150 Years 4 values A INNLAND, 14.00Kr, 16.00Kr, 20.00Kr
10 Apr 2015 4 Commemorative Issue Halden 350 Years 1 value 20,00Kr
20 Feb 2015 3 Definitive Issue Norwegian Red Cross 150 Years 4 values A INNLAND, A INNLAND, A INNLAND, A INNLAND

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Pope Benedict XVI

Olympic Games


Boy Scouts

John F. Kennedy



Mahatma Gandhi



Archbishop Makarios


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