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10 May 2005
Commemorative Issue

Queen's Birthday

The Queen, together with the Duke of Edinburgh, visited Australia in March 2002 to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Covernment Meeting (CHOCM) held in Queensland. The Queen is Head of the Commonwealth of Nations. This position implies no constitutional or executive power and the Queen is accepted by members of the Commonwealth as a symbol of their free association.

The Queen attended the official Opening Ceremony for CHOGM 2002 on 2 March and hosted a banquet for the Heads of Delegation the same evening. A reception for ministers and senior officials was held the following evening.

CHOCM 2002 was the largest meeting of international leaders ever held in Australia. National leaders and senior delegates from up to 52 Commonwealth countries attended. They represented about 25 percent ofthe world's nations and almost one third of its population.

The purpose of CHOCM is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information across cultures and communities. The common goal is to improve the futures of the people of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Queen Elizabeth II - Head of the Commonwealth of Nations  

Queen Elizabeth II - Head of the Commonwealth of Nations


The 50c commemorative stamp features a photographic image of The Queen as head of the Commonwealth of Nations at the CHOCM meeting in Queensland.

Technical Information

Issue Date: 2005-05-10
FDI Withdrawal Date: 2005-06-09
Denominations: 1 x 50c
Designer: Lisa Christensen, Australia Post Design Studio
Printer: SNP Sprint
Paper: Tullis Russell
Printing Process: Lithography
Size: 37.5mm x 26mm
Performations: 13.86 x 14.6
Sheet Layout: Sheetlet of 10
National Postmark: Elizabeth, SA 5112
copyright notice: This material has been reproduced with permission of the Australian Postal Corporation. The original work is held in the National Philatelic Collection. - Last Updated (UTC Time) - 2018-03-23 15:38:48
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