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06 February 2007
Commemorative Issue

St. Valentine's Day

Two faces. Together they form a heart, or should we say one heart. The subject of this year's St. Valentine's Day stamp is the perfect accompaniment to a message of love. St. Valentine's Day has captured hearts all over the world, and Norway is no exception. This is the day when we express our love and are a bit more attentive to people we care about.

Telephone calls, text messages and e-mails are all good means of communication, but there is nothing to beat a real love letter. People still write love letters, and it is not true to say that they are all written by women. Men are just as romantic. Thousands of women and men write love letters on St. Valentine's Day.

However, this is not just a day for celebrating romantic love. It is also a fine opportunity to send to a greeting a good friend or to make a fuss of someone you set great store by. A few words are often enough. They are a pleasure to send, and certainly a pleasure to receive.

Heart and faces  

Heart and faces

Technical Information

NK: NK 1633
Subject: Heart and faces
Design: Anne Kristin Hages?ther
Value: NOK 6.50 (A-Priority domestic)
No. per sheet: 50 stamps Issue: 600,000 stamps
Printing: Offset by Royal Joh. Enschede, Netherlands
First day cover NOK 9.50
Presentation pack NOK 11.50
Collector's set NOK 26.00
Collector's sheet NOK 26.50
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