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12 April 2008
Commemorative Issue

Personal Anniversaries

Henrik Wergeland  

Henrik Wergeland


Henrik Wergeland (1808-45) was born in Kristiansand and moved to Eidsvoll at the age of nine. He started studying theology in 1825 and graduated after four years, but he never entered the church. His father, Nicolai Wergeland, was a member of the Constitutional Assembly at Eidsvoll in 1814. Henrik was thus familiar with the Constitution from an early age. King Carl Johan had forbidden celebrations of Constitution Day. However, on 17 May 1829 many people gathered in the streets to celebrate and the authorities had to call in troops to drive a large crowd away from the main square. Henrik Wergeland played an active role in this Battle of the Square. Later, his public support of 17 May celebrations earned him credit for 'initiating' the Day.

As a poet, Henrik Wergeland made his debut in 1929 with a volume of lyrical poems entitled Digte

Frederik Stang  

Frederik Stang


Frederik Stang (1808-84) was born in Stokke in Vestfold. He gained his law degree in 1828 and was appointed temporarily as reader in jurisprudence at the University of Christiania the same year. In 1835 he left the university to practise law, combining this with the office of Attorney-General. In 1845 he was appointed Minister of the Interior. While he was Minister, Norway saw a boom in road construction and the establishment of the railway and the telegraph service. Other prominent events in Norway's transport and communication history were the reformation of postage rates and the introduction of postage stamps. He also achieved a great deal in agriculture and the health services.

Stang's political work began to take its toll. He became seriously ill and resigned in 1856 after two years' leave. However, he recovered and was soon back in the political arena. He was made First Minister in 1861 and was appointed to the new office of Prime Minister in 1873. His final period as government leader was marked by a number of setbacks and in 1880 he stepped down at his own wish.

Technical Information

Subjects: Frederik Stang, Henrik Wergeland
Design: Sverre Morken
Value: A-Priority, domestic (NOK 7.00) x 2 Issue: 600,000 of each stamp Number: Sheets containing 50 stamps each
Printing: Recess/offset by Royal Joh. Enschede, Netherlands
Sales prices:
First day cover: NOK 18.00
Presentation pack: NOK 19.00
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