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24 October 2008
Commemorative Issue

Norwegian art

  Arne Ekeland (1908-1994)'s early years in a proletarian environment played a crucial part in his development. During a stay in Paris in 1931, he became particularly interested in Picasso

  Kare Tveter (b. 1922) is above all a painter of light. With gentleness and minimum use of colour, he captures structures of nature and nuances in the play of light. He does not portray specific subjects.They are often sensed rather than seen. Figurative elements become suggestions that are absorbed by the light. He visited Svalbard for the first time in 1982 and was fascinated by the light there. He made many journeys to the Arctic after that. In 1995, he donated forty works to form the basis of the Kare Tveter Collection in Longyearbyen. These paintings are now part of Gallery Svalbard. Following a stroke in 1998, Kare Tveter gave up painting.

  Inger Sitter (b. 1929) made her debut in 1948 with her own exhibition at the Oslo Art Society. In 1954 she moved to Paris, where she was drawn to abstract painting. Her work helped to create a debate on and acceptance of non-figurative art in Norway. Along with Carl Nesjar, Inger Sitter helped to decorate the stairwell in Sentrum Cinema in Oslo in 1956 and in 1957-58 participated in the embellishment of the new government buildings in sand-blasted concrete. Decorations in major educational institutions also bear Inger Sitter's name.

  Terje Bergstad (b. 1938) was a "well-kept secret" until 2000 when his work was exhibited at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Oslo. It attracted a great deal of attention and a shy master suddenly became known outside his own circle. There was so much interest in Bergstad's work after the exhibition that a foundation was set up on his behalf. Owing to illness, his life was fated to become a struggle between health problems and art. He now lives in B?rum, near Oslo, but is marked by illness and isolation.

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