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18 June 2010
Commemorative Issue

Norwegian National Health Association Centenary

Up until the middle of the 1950s, tuberculosis was a dreaded disease throughout the world. At the turn of the last century it was taking an annual toll of about 7,000 lives in Norway alone.

Doctors fought against tuberculosis through much of the 19th century, but made no headway until 1882 when a German doctor, Robert Koch, discovered the bacillus that causes the disease. This provided the basis for a widespread eradication campaign.

In Norway, Dr. Klaus Hansen took the first steps to mobilise the population against the

Care, activity, research  

Care, activity, research

Technical Information

Subject: Care, activity, research
Design: Sverre Morken
Value: NOK 26.00
No. per sheet: 50
Issue: 1,125,000 stamps
Printing: Combination recess/offset by Royal Joh. Enschede, Netherlands.
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