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08 October 2003
Miniature Sheet

Rugby World Cup 2003 - Miniature Sheet

Rugby has a rich and long tradition. It was 1823 at the Rugby School in England when legend has it that William Webb Ellis picked up a soccer ball and ran with it. From that spontaneous begining rugby has grown into a major international sport played in more than 135 countries and governed by the International Rugby Board (IRB).

The Rugby World Cup had a distinctly antipodean genesis when in 1983 the Australian Rugby Union and the New Zealand Rugby Football Union independently wrote to the IRB about a Rugby World Cup tournament.

In 1987 the inaugural Rugby World Cup (RWC) was jointly staged in Australia and New Zealand. Sixteen countries were invited to participate and about 600,000 people attended matches. Broadcasts went to 17 countries with a global audience of about 300 million.

New Zealand won the inaugural cup, beating the European champions France at Eden Park. Four Rugby World Cups and sixteen years later the RWC is the third most popular sporting event, in terms of revenue and viewing audience, surpassed only by the Olympics and the Federation Internationale de Football Association World Cup.

Rugby World Cup 2003  

Rugby World Cup 2003


The central motif of the miniature sheet shows a silhouette of the Webb Ellis Cup atop the oval, embracing shape of a rugby ball. The oval which cuts through the stamps, is symbolic of a worldwide sport that encompasses many nations and cultures. It is a visual expression of the cup

Technical Information

Issue date....................... 8 October 2003
Designer ........................ Beth McKinlay, Australia Post Design Studio
Miniature sheet size ........ 115 x 70 mm
Souvenir booklet size....... 156 x 104 mm
Printer .... McPhersons
Printer miniature sheets
in souvenir booklet ..... SNP Sprint
Paper (all) ....................... Tullis Russell
Printing process .............. Lithography
National postmark ........... Sydney NSW 2000
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