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20 December 2005
Commemorative Issue

The Holy Mother of God

The portable icons depicting the holy Mother of god in various iconographic types, yet always with Her Son and God, Jesus Christ, are very popular in the Greek Orthodox area.

The icon of Virgin Mary "Hodeghetria" ("Guiding the way"), which according to tradition is a version of the icon painted by Lucas the Evangelist, depicts Her holding blessing baby Jesus in Her left arm, while Her right arm is lifted in prayer.

Virgin Mary "Glykophiloussa" ("Affectionately kissing") shows more affection, as the sides of the faces of mother and Son are adjoined, while in the "Kardiotissa" variant, baby Jesus embraces His Holy Mother with both His arms.

The type of Virgin Mary with the "Symbols of the Passion" is dramatic. In the upper part of the icon an Angel is flying carrying the Cross of Passion. Baby Jesus is turned to the Angel and frightened of the Angel's human form, He grabs his Mother's hand in His.

In all icon types the union of the divine and human natures is realized by means of the Byzantine two-dimensional painting style.

Text: Nicos Zias, Professor of History of Art
Source: Hellenic Post


Virgin 'Hodeghetria'


Virgin 'Kardiotissa', by Hand Angelos


Virgin 'Glykophiloussa'

Virgin with the  

Virgin with the 'Symbols of Passion', by Hand Angelos

Technical Information

Dimensions: 32mm x 45mm in sheets of 25
Design & Adaptation: Myrsini Vardopoulou
Printing Method: Multicolored (Offset)
Printers: Alex. Matsoukis S.A.
Circulation: 1 year or until sold out
€0,01: 3.000.000
€0,20: 1.000.000
€0,70: 500.000
€3,20: 300.000
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