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15 June 2012
Commemorative Issue

Hadeland Glassverk 250 years

The craft of glass-making is based on age-old traditions. Glass as a material was known in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Persia as far back as 3 – 4,000 years ago. Then about 2,000 years ago the glassblowing pipe was invented. This blowpipe is still one of the most important tools in every glassworks.

It was Danish king Christian VI, who – by establishing Det kongelige Nordske Compagnie in 1739 – was instrumental in starting wide-spread glass production in Norway. One of the factories was Hadeland Glassverk, which was founded in 1762 on the Mo estate in Jevnaker at the southern end of Randsfjorden and went into operation in 1765. Initially production consisted of bottles, apothecary’s jars, medicine bottles and household glass. In 1852, Ole Chr. Berg was appointed to manage the works and under his leadership the glassworks underwent a radical change. This process was primarily influenced by the crafts movement. Using models from other European countries, production was converted to small crystal items, such as wine glasses, bowls, dishes and vases. The glassworks began to develop its own designs and models around 1920. Although the blowpipe has not changed for 2,000 years, there have been great changes in other areas of glass production. Machines that ensure a wellrounded drinking rim on glasses were introduced in 1938. The following year saw the electrification of cooling air pipes. In 1950 cutting was made easier with the innovation of diamond-surfaced cutting wheels.

Hadeland Glassverk is the oldest industrial company in Norway that has been in continuous operation since its start. The glassworks has also become a tourist magnet with close on 600,000 visitors a year. This places it fairly and squarely among the top ten most popular attractions in Norway.

Nøstetangen clunk bottle, dram glasses and glassblower  

Nøstetangen clunk bottle, dram glasses and glassblower

Technical Information

NK 1823
Date of issue: 15 June 2012
Value and subject: Kr 13.00: Nøstetangen clunk bottle, dram glasses and glassblower
Design: Arild Yttri
Method of printing: Recess/offset
Printing house: Joh. Enschedé Security Print
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