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08 July 2016
Commemorative Issue

Euromed 2016 - Fish of the Mediterranean

For the third year running member states of the Postal Union for the Mediterra¬nean "Euromed" are issuing a single stamp. This year's common theme is "Fish of the Mediterranean".

The Mediterranean sea is home to more than 1700 species of fish and long before the Agricultural Revolution fishing villages might have appeared along the coastlines.

Archaeologists excavating 30.000 year old human sites have found only seashells from the Mediterranean but we can surmise that fish have been a staple diet of humans from times immemorial.

Text: Barkev Mihranean
Source: Stamp and Philatelic Service, Cyprus Post

Montage of Five Species  

Montage of Five Species


The Painted Comber, the Parrot Fish, the Peacock Wrasse, the Annular Sea Bream and the Snapper as symbols of the sea wealth

Cancellation Stamps

Official First Day Covers

Official FDC Euromed 2016 - Fish of the Mediterranean

Technical Information

Design-Artwork: Maximos Christou, Limassol
Printing method: Litho-Offset on unwatermarked paper
Printer: Veridos Matsoukis S.A., Greece
Size of stamps: 40mm x 30mm
€1,88: 55.000
Sheet layout: Sheets of 8 stamps
FDCs: €2,28: 6.000 - Last Updated (UTC Time) - 2018-03-23 15:38:48
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