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07 April 1969
Commemorative Issue

1st International Congress of Cypriot Studies

Cyprus has had a long and adventurous history. An island in the Eastern Mediterranean, it has been subject to the dominion of many peoples, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, all of whom have contributed to its art, architecture, literature and culture. Cyprus has known and been part of the great Mediterranean civilizations, Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern.

Here are matters for earnest study and research and it is to this end that the Society of Cypriot Studies, the chief promoter of research on Cyprus for many years, has organized the Congress and invited the savants of history, archaeology and other appropriate disciplines to attend and discuss the story of the development of Cyprus from the pre-historic until the present time. The programme of studies is conveniently divided into three sections, Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern, and the Secretariat of the Congress announces papers to be read on a very wide field of scholarship - the ancient Cypriot script, the doctrines of the founder of Stoic philosophy, Zeno of Citium, the status and administration of the island in the Byzantine era, the painted churches, the survival of ancient customs in modern Cypriot folklore, the comparative study of folklore and related matters. On these apparently disparate subjects, papers are to be read and discussed and, in addition to the interest that must be aroused by lecturers and criticisms from professors of international repute, it is hoped to discover new facts of importance bearing upon the history and activities of the past. Apart from every other consideration, theoretical or practical, the First Congress is an occasion facilitating contacts between scholars from many parts of the world whose common interest in the field of Cypriot studies may prove highly beneficial to the promotion of international cultural co-operation.

It is a scholarly event worthy of a permanent memorial in the form of the stamps now (1969) issued.

Source: Department of Postal Services, Republic of Cyprus.



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Designer: A. Tassos
Size: 31 xx 43.5 mm
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